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IT Systems Management - A Solution (not a product)

A technical perspective on effective System Management and Monitoring

Monitoring and managing the Health, Security and State of any system, let alone having a tested response and remediation path, is a complex and often underestimated series of products, tasks, procedures and disciplines.

While there are many fantastic products and online monitoring solutions available there are still many vital components required to take the information from this series of products and turn it into a fully functional, successful and efficient monitoring framework that adds value to your organisation and support teams without burdening them.

DELTA… The complete systems management and monitoring service you have always wanted.

After a decade of tests and trials using many comprehensive products and frameworks we discovered that, although many products presented differently and the collection methodologies varied… all products basically were ‘looking’ at the same information. So the ‘value’ lay in how well it delivered this information back to the end user. However, in all cases it was then up to the end user to correlate and disseminate this information to give it any real value to benefit their organisation.

The DELTA Difference

CIO’s and systems engineers have implemented monitoring solutions so that they can see what’s happening on their systems and take effective action to resolve issues and empower their organisation. Sadly all too often time, resources and staff are swallowed up looking at a computer screen and wading through mountains of information trying to figure out the best path of action.

DELTA removes this frustration, inefficiency and the risks involved of critical information being missed or misinterpreted. Through a series of planned development strategies DELTA created a framework to not only manage this information flow but expand on it as the industry evolved and organisations requirements changed. Empowering the products being used, what was once ‘informational noise’ is now tuned and filtered to create ‘actionable data’ freeing up valuable resources to get back to the ‘doing’ rather than being tied to the ‘watching’.

The DELTA Management Framework – M.O.T.H.E.R©

Standing for Monitoring Operations To Help Enterprises Remotely. M.O.T.H.E.R© does exactly that. For more information on M.O.T.H.E.R© click here

In addition to ‘monitoring’ systems, M.O.T.H.E.R© provides a full and comprehensive ‘Management’ solution that can evolve and change as new and emerging technologies are released, or new system threats are identified… the potential is literally limitless…

What you need above and beyond your standard monitoring solution or product:

  • People trained in system management and monitoring that understand the products they need to support and service. To monitor 24 / 7, effectively means 3 – 4 trained members must be available in the team…

DELTA is this team and becomes the ‘Watcher’ so your team remains focussed on the tasks at hand and the ‘Doing’

  • Knowledge of how to use and maintain monitoring products and the experience of what best practices should be followed to get the best results out to meet your organisations requirements...

DELTA is the leader in understanding how to get the best results possible. It is what we do.

  • Functionality: Being able to identify if the product is working as it should and getting the right information so it doesn’t compromise the end result.

DELTA ‘monitors’ the monitoring to assure everything is working as it should and is continually developing better ways to do this so you don’t have to…

  • Efficiency is knowing what to monitor and how to correlate and disseminate all the information the monitoring products provide without missing anything.

DELTA has the framework and experience to excel at this requirement…

  • Expansion means having the ability to add more information sources to deliver to new requirements without recreating or reinvesting in a new series of products or framework

DELTA is able to meet a vast array of requirements so you don’t have to worry about it…

  • Action: Being able to take the resultant information sent by the monitoring products and then process them through an escalation and alerting framework and give a clear picture of what to do about an issue or task and even what has happened before and how it was fixed

DELTA correlates filters and tunes this informational flow to create ‘Actionable Data’ and processes it through a world class Call and Alert Escalation Centre… We can even assist with problem resolution via our Secure Remote Support framework…

  • Tracking and following an escalation through to resolution and escalate it if no action is taken. This also involves people making the time to perform status updates and reassigning to advanced skill groups when necessary

DELTA manages, updates, correlates and tracks all alerts and the associated information through to resolution…

  • Reporting: Assembling the information presented by the products, the escalation centres and support teams into pertinent usable reports that clearly show tangible results and clear action paths for unresolved items, maintenance requirements and future systems development and expansion. This will involve system management reporting through to specific reporting requirements such as CEO reports and Compliance Auditing results

DELTA provides an Online Report Centre to manage and deliver to your reporting requirements.

  • Innovate and evolve to develop better resultant paths and add outside source information to further enhance the results already delivered from the monitoring products. Having this ability assures the Monitoring and Management framework will evolve as industry and system requirements evolve…

DELTA has a full development strategy to exceed at this requirement and has already integrated many additional information sources and products…


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