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Published on Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Testimonial - Printing and Publishing

We originally contracted Delta’s services because we realized we had inadequate backup and IT support, which was brutally highlighted when we had a server malfunction costing us a significant amount of information which was hard if not impossible to replace. 

Having you organise our remote backup and the ability to give you remote access to our IT systems has definitely changed all that markedly for the better. Having someone with a vested interest in our continued operation cannot be under estimated and we appreciate the way Delta is pre‐emptive in its approach. 

You work through our demands, putting effort into the ground work and the suggested solutions that you offer and we haven’t yet found a problem that you couldn’t find a solution for. We’ve learnt to have a great deal of confidence in our ‘experts on tap’. 

This has been a great service and any larger organization with a significant infrastructure or a keen interest in logistics that is working in real time solutions with a high dependence on its IT infrastructure could not fail to gain a great deal from a working relationship with Delta.

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Author: Geoff Barnard

Categories: Library, Testimonials


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