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Published on Friday, 11 May 2012

Testimonial - Education Institute

We have a large number of devices that need monitoring and going through the event logs was not an efficient use of our time and resources. We needed a pro-active solution that would allow us to sort the wheat from the chaff so that we could stay on top of the monitoring and be effective.

We are very happy as we get a great level of service with our alerting and really appreciate the personal phone calls that complement the emails and text alerts. We get a great response and if we add a server to our system the Delta Solution integrates straight away.

We save 10-15 hours a week which allows us to re-allocate IT Engineer resources to products and improvements, which allows us to achieve the service levels the Polytechnic wants to provide.

Any educational institution of a similar size would benefit greatly from Delta's services. Once you get to a less manageable number of servers that start to require full-time FTE's just to monitor them, the savings in time and resource really start to mount up. Delta is especially useful in that they can tailor their requirements to different departments and sit on top of an existing solution so that integration is not a problem.
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