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Published on Sunday, 24 June 2012

Newsletter - June 2012

June Newsletter

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Welcome to the ‘Delta Effect’
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Welcome to our June Newsletter!imanager image

The weather is changing and winter is on the way. Its time for those winter woollies to fight off colds and viruses! Don't forget to wrap up your IT systems as well, they catch viruses too!

Have you noticed the increased number of security breaches and issues hitting the news lately? Are you ready for the next epidemic or will you be exposed to the latest outbreak...

Protecting your data has never been more important... 


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Data Protection

To some it's common sense...  But to others, Data Protection remains a series of mysteries that have attached complexities and hidden costs that always seem to spiral out of control...

The net effect of not taking responsibility for your own data protection...  Catastrophe for your business and even others when something fails, key data is lost or production has to stop while a resolution is found.

There is hope... Properly managed Data Protection will become a streamlined, pleasant experience that saves money and enhances even the most discerning of businesses that are striving for the next level of business excellence.

Through delta imanager we keep it simple...  Audit so you know what you've got, Monitor so you can see what's happening, Report so you can track and assess areas that need attention and fully manage so you can ensure success and remove the mystery and cost. Add to this LockButton-Round.pnga robust framework and partner network that support these key components...  And all of our sudden what appeared impossible to achieve let alone afford becomes another vital business tool that promotes growth and business assurance, paying for itself every step of the way.

Data Protection through Online Backup
Prevention is the key to protecting data however you still need a robust backup and recovery plan to complements this effort. As such Delta created an online backup service designed with the small to medium enterprise in mind. Data is encrypted and compressed before leaving site, then sent to our secure electronic data vault in Tauranga and then replicated in real time to other main centres located in Auckland and Wellington to ensure that your data is safe in the event of a natural disaster - again applying the foundation components of delta imanager, backup and recovery becomes a manageable series of interactions rather than a hope it works series of events.


Why use Delta's online backup?
RBSsimple.pngSafe: having your data offsite, it is protected from local problems such as if, fire, and other disasters.
Cost Effective: No need to buy or maintain expensive hardware, media or staff time required for doing and checking backups.
Reliability: Online backups are sent off site automatically. This solves one of the biggest problems with traditional local media backups, where people don't perform backups regularly and they forget to remove them from site. With online backup there is also no need to worry about damaged or lost storage medium, such as CDs, memory sticks and tapes, etc. A good backup strategy will include an offsite backup and recovery plan.

For more information check out our managed online backup solution at or call us for a no obligation quote and get the backup results you really want... without the stress and worry.

Monitoring makes all the difference...ShieldComputer.png

Industry trends show without proper precautions that it is no longer a matter of "if" you'll get hacked, but when. Companies are fighting an increasing onslaught of cyber attacks and malicious activity. Botnets, malicious users and code will not just simply go away - we just have to get better at managing it..

At Delta we handle over 60 million alerts each year and many of them are for spybots, brute force attacks, and viruses. We have stopped 17 major Conficka outbreaks that slipped past the first and second lines of defence and continually find new threats that are attacking business systems. With the increased reliance in online services, security has never been more important. Proactive management of servers, workstations, remote computers, system logs and applications is critical to mitigate security risks and network performance issues, not to mention improving the overall operations of your organisation.

Workstations are the initial infection host for today's threats and the first step in protecting workstations is ensuring the configuration is secure and that the attack surface has been reduced as much as possible. Workstation configuration management is a great place to start to lower your risk against today's biggest threats and make progress on compliance issues.  Source: Randy F. Smith  

Delta's Solution: check out our comprehensive delta imanager solution that is purpose-built to meet many levels of end user and business IT management and security needs


How safe is your data?
Check out the article below ...

How to steal a virtual machine and its data in three easy steps Search
Remember that e-mail server or payroll system that you virtualised? Someone with administrator access to your virtual environment could easily swipe it and all the data without anybody knowing. Stealing a physical server out of the data centre is very difficult and it's sure to be noticed, stealing a virtual machine (VM) however can be done from anywhere on your network and someone could easily walk out with that on a flash drive in their pocket.

Quote of the Month
Disks decay, thieves steal, drinks spill, files disappear, floods rise, viruses infect, systems crash, disasters destroy, surges fry, cables corrode... But backups will deliver your data from them all!  T.E. Rönneberg

Whats New?
It has been a busy time for Delta since the last newsletter and we have been working on a number of enhancements and new initiatives to be the best trusted advisor available. As part of this initiative we have launched the delta imanager series with a whole new and exciting solution structure to provide the comprehensive managed solution you are used too whilst creating a much more flexible and cost effective solution.

We have also been putting a lot of development and testing into a new Report Centre which went live this week. The Report Centre is now running on the new Website Framework; this has meant better performance and a more unified user experience. You can now sign up to this on the new website if you are a Delta Reports subscriber. 
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