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Published on Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Testimonial - Health Board

We have had the GFI product suite for a number of years. The general impression from our admin team though was that a significant amount of noise was generated by the monitoring tool set and out of the box filtering. Consequently we never really gained value from all the information generated.

We needed someone to put intelligence into the product set we had in a cost effective way.

Delta provides this intelligence through a team with the right skill set and a software service that filters the noise from our windows servers to deliver just the alerts that require attention along with suggested actions. The Delta team seems to have an understanding of the challenges faced by a system administration team in a large and complex environment such as the one we operate with in. It is a comfort to know that when unusual events are detected the Delta team are persistent in their communications with us, and will even make personal phone calls to ensure that the potential issues have received focus from our team.

I have no doubt that any organization operating a complex infrastructure would benefit from investigating the value that Delta can add to the monitoring and alerting framework. This is particularly so in large public health organizations such as ours, where it is a continuing challenge to provide a secure environment on a decreasing budget.

IT Delivery Manager

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