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Published on Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Newsletter - August 2013

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Welcome to the ‘Delta Effect’
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Welcome to our August Newsletter!imanager MaaS

It has been a warm winter so far at Delta HO, with some rough weather across the rest of the country; however you'd think that it was spring in the bay...

So rather than the desire to hibernate during winter we have been inspired, kept our warm thinking hats on, raised our temperature and have created and developed some exciting new initiatives and products.

We are also establishing a global distribution channel throughout EMEA and APAC.

So watch this space for more exciting announcements and make sure you're following us on LinkedIn and Facebook to see what we are doing...


CEO's Corner July Issue


BYOD's are they safe in the workplace?

BYOD.pngIt is a big decision for your business to introduce or think about introducing BYOD devices at work and can be a real security risk for your business, not to mention a real headache for your IT teams to protect and track devices, systems and the network.

delta 360 management solutions is the answer...

Our solution will cater for BYOD devices and will protect your business, giving you more confidence in using BYOD devices in the workplace and help your IT team manage BYOD devices at work.

Call us to find out more or check out our website.

Here is what others say about BYOD devices...


Delta 360 - Workstation Protection and Management Service

We have developed a new package called delta 360

This is part of Delta's Elite Series service to protect and manage workstations, mobile computers or small, remote offices that are unplugged from the protection of the corporate network.  It offers a comprehensive level of system auditing, monitoring, tracking and management services as well is managed AV and remote support facilities.
All patching is completely managed each month and critical updates to prevent issues or outbreaks can be deployed easily to anywhere in the world.
This service also includes a 5 GB online backup package to protect important data and get it off site and secured.  Installation is easy and custom-built for each client.Delta 360

  • Core systems monitoring
  • Hacker check and cyber security management
  • Auditing
  • Vulnerability and patch management
  • Location and user usage monitoring
  • Scripted checks and managed tasks
  • Remote support
  • 5 GB online backup allowance

Visit our website or call us for more information...

Be Safe, Be Protected..      Phone: 0800 335 828


Whats New?
Since our last newsletter, we have been working on a number of enhancements and new initiatives to be the best Trusted Advisor available. As part of these initiatives we have launched our new Vision Series Framework and are currently alpha testing a new secure dashboard delta ivision©.  The current view is designed to improve visibility of systems KPI's for a site within our delta imanager© series from anywhere in the world.

We're also developing two new Delta definitions and standards, MaaS© and MaRS© to define what we do, what our specialties are and what makes Delta so different to everything else currently available.

Vision Series Framework
ivision.pngdelta ivision©
This framework and dashboard is part of our delta imanager© series.  Designed to get the right information to the right people on time and be extremely easy to use, this dashboard is proving to be quite popular across our current Alpha testing teams and we are looking forward to releasing to our delta imanager© subscribers nearer the last quarter 2013.

Our first dashboard; systems KPI's displays eight points of interest from five disparate information sources. So our clients can see a windowpane view of their systems status; such as open tickets, missing patches, checks and failure state like disk space and servers online et cetera. We will be making regular feature changes as requested by our alpha testers and pass on a big thanks for the import and support.

New Definitions and Standards Development
MaaS© - Monitoring as a Service... You have probably heard of SaaS -  Software as a Service...
Now Delta is exploring and developing MaaS© as an industry first to define a series of processes and disciplines that surpasses traditional monitoring concepts and functions and to define the specialties required to deliver to MaRS©

MaRS© - Management and Remediation Solutions
We have developed MaRS© as an industry first to complement MaaS© to define our management specialties, which include: server health monitoring, cyber threat analysis, system audits and compliance reporting, mail protection services, managed AV solutions, online backup, remote support, dependency monitoring and tracking, remote patch management and systems updates, development of monitoring initiatives and standards... More to come on these initiatives.

Website Changes
We are currently making changes to our website homepage, so watch this space and don't forget to join us on LinkedIn and Facebook and let us know what you think once we are done -

Enjoy this next quarter as we head towards spring here in New Zealand and we will keep you posted on our new and exciting developments.

Thanks for your continued support and please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to discuss anything in this newsletter further...

...Team Delta

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