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Published on Monday, 12 March 2012

Newsletter - March 2012

March Newsletter

 Welcome to the ‘Delta Effect’
Our way of keeping in touch

Communication is the key to our business and in 2012 we're stepping up our game - so welcome to our inaugural quarterly newsletter!

We aim to fill it with interesting and useful pieces of information like,

  • What's happening out here that you need to know about
  • What's new in the world of Delta and M.O.T.H.E.R
  • Giveaways and exciting new services in the Delta family
  • And other non-IT related ideas and fun

In this edition we are introducing you to Delta's new look and the start of our 'Information Initiatives'. Our newsletter is designed to be short with several key topics and we encourage you to post discussions and points of interest via any one of our business and social media sites. We look forward to your input and feedback -  The Delta team...




The New Face of Delta
Check out our brighter and more vibrant look as we reflect on our 21st century service. You will see our new logos on all of our material and checkout our new website (same address where you will find links to all our recent newsletters and articles as well as information and insights on all of our service options. Let us know what you think.

Thank you
Thank you to everyone that participated in our recent survey and who has 'liked us' on Facebook...

Well done to the winners of our survey draw and we look forward to you getting online with Delta Max AV

Follow us on Facebook and be a part of the Delta Effect.

Quote of the month
All change, even very large and powerful change, begins when people start talking with one another about something they care about!

What's New?SecurityShield.jpg
As part of Delta's initiative to protect and monitor computers at all levels and after 12 months of rigourous trials and testing we are pleased to announce the release of a new Fully Managed AV solution... DELTA MAXX AV

This is not just another AV product that expects you to know whether it is working or not, but a fully managed AV and monitoring solution so Delta can help protect your systems to the highest degree. All this for $69.00 GST inclusive per year!!!

Worried whether your mobile fleet is safe while away from the protection of your corporate network or just want that enterprise level of support and protection at home... Then this is the solution for you - checkout our White papers online and register for your free trial today...
Free Trial 

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Author: Geoff Barnard

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2 comments on article "Newsletter - March 2012"



13/04/2012 6:10 p.m.

Thanks for all the great feedback on our first newsletter.

Looking forward to the next release and your input - Rick


Angie Field

16/04/2012 1:09 p.m.

Great first newsletter, love the new look - very fresh and new.



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