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 Information Security and Monitoring for Serious Business!

Ideal for corporate and enterprise networks or networks that require the next level of monitoring and information security. Developed to deliver well beyond the boundaries and capabilities of what’s considered ‘normal’ within the IT Monitoring Sector and catering for thousands of devices and users.

DELTA Elite Series (Click here for more details)

  • The whole IT solution – IT Management and Monitoring, Information Security and Threat Analysis, Antivirus and Malicious Code tracking, Patching, Application Management and Remote Remediation… and all the IT support services you need in one place, integrated and working seamlessly together.

  • An IT support service - The ultimate business IT support framework that evolves and adapts with your organization – not a product in a box… DELTA manages, maintains and tunes to your needs assuring you’re getting the results… not battling with the complexities of system monitoring.

  • Empowering the whole IT Department – We don’t replace existing expertise - we empower it… by delivering an industry leading framework, and the information you need, backed by additional technical expertise on tap.

  • Cost Efficiency – reduce IT spend with an IT support service at a price you cannot afford to ignore. Fixed subscription pricing makes cash flow forecasting easy with no hardware or software capital expenditure needed.

  • Complete IT management Control – you set the parameters and DELTA delivers the results to your specifications and needs.

  • Maximizing Limited Business IT Support Resources – Alerts and solutions delivered to your team 24/7, no matter where they are… DELTA even delivers recommendations on how to resolve issues or what was done last time to fix it. Now you can allocate your scarce resources so you can stop “watching” the screens and start “doing” the business that you enjoy that will advance your organization.
  • Exceptional IT management Reporting Capability – live and up-to-date reporting at your fingertips for all levels of IT Support Teams as well as catering for CEO, CFO and CIO needs - real IT management information that you can use. Transparent auditable accountability at all levels that will, at last, recognize the real work and result that your Business IT support team produces.

  • Managed Monitoring – arguably the best network monitoring- solution in the world, reacting in minutes, turning informational noise into specific actionable data. With the ‘Delta Elite Series’ at your side you can correlate and disseminates millions of alerts each month, with full remediation recommendations while tracking and coordinating the alert though to conclusion.

  • 24/7 Monitoring Support – online, around the clock monitoring support plus live assistance as needed.
  • World Class Security and Threat Risk Assessment – Not reliant on a single product to tell us something is amiss, DELTA correlates security specific information from multiple sources to identify malicious activity or abnormal user activity and then tracks it to its source. Keep your company systems and information safer from intrusion by mitigating this risk with a framework like none other.

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