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A new level in Managed IT System Management and Monitoring

DELTA’s Elite Series - This is ideal for networks larger than three Servers and ten workstations or for networks that require an additional level of monitoring and security. This solution has been developed to deliver well beyond the boundaries and capabilities of what’s considered ‘normal’ within the ICT Monitoring Sector and can cater for thousands of devices and users.

Key Features

  • Monitoring server provided
    DELTA supplies, installs and manages a Monitoring Server tuned to perform all functions associated to our unique monitoring framework – Available as a physical device or can be installed as a virtual appliance. The key benefit is we don’t have to coexist on any production devices and can operate in a completely standalone manner. In addition to this DELTA is not reliant on being online to a cloud based framework to escalate vital notifications – Unlike many other frameworks, this means continued support and security even if the internet connection is offline.
  • Agentless Monitoring
    The DELTA SHM Solution uses an agentless collection and correlation methodology. The key benefits of this approach means we do not have to touch any production devices to get the results. There are no issues with agent updates or impacting legacy applications and we’re not taking valuable resources away from production systems. It also means a single proven methodology to passively collect information from many disparate devices and operating systems and our point of interest and security footprint is dramatically reduced. 
  • Log Processing and Management
    DELTA can collect and correlate log information from Microsoft Event logs, SYSLOG, SNMP, W3C, SQL and Oracle Database Auditing. This means a very wide range of devices and information sources can be monitored and all this information correlated into Actionable Data rather than Informational Noise. In addition to this DELTA can reference log information against physical, malicious or process changes so a single fully informative alert is generated rather than many individual ones pertaining to the same issue.
  • Vulnerability Risk and Threat Assessment
    DELTA can scan Microsoft, Apple and Linux Servers and Workstation operating system’s for vulnerabilities pertaining to Microsoft and third party Applications, Anti-Virus status and User configurations. These assessments are performed on all monitored servers AND Workstation devices. This data is referenced against Vendor Advisories and the OVALS and SANS industry watchdogs for updates and known threats. From missing patches to blank or poor passwords DELTA is continuously assessing and enhancing this section to mitigate the security risks and impact to core systems and the end users.
  • Security Monitoring
    Unique to DELTA and the elite series is the M.O.T.H.E.R© Footprint Analysis Framework that collects and correlates information from multiple sources rather than relying on a single product such as an AV solution or Firewall to identify security threats. An alert is generated based on a dynamic algorithm that establishes normal activity over a 90 day period for a site. This approach reduces false positives and establishes normal user and application behavior. The detailed threat assessment alert can be assessed and escalated to mitigate the risk associated to malicious activity. Activity is also isolated to locality and whether the process or user account being used is valid. This feature allows DELTA to assess and identify trends and patterns of Botnets and Worm activity through to user issues or account exploitation. The key features and power of such a framework in quickly identifying threats and the associated remediation action is endless. It also means we can evolve as the online security industry does and integrate even more informational sources rather than having to reinvest in more products.
  • Asset / Inventory Tracking and Reporting
    All monitored servers and workstations are fully audited at regular intervals to ensure an up to date list of hardware and applications in use is available. Full reports are available online at no additional cost when you need them. This ensures system updates and application information is kept current and easily assessed before, during and after any system update projects without having to spend time revisiting everything to get this vital information. 
  • Hardware Monitoring
    DELTA monitors key hardware such as Free Disk Space, Network Availability, Memory and CPU utilization through to Vendor specific hardware monitoring options to ensure hardware systems are kept problem free. More than just checking if the Hardware is online this process correlates information from multiple sources to provide advanced options such as Uptime, Pre-warranty failure notifications and performance threshold checking. A perfect companion to system’s capacity planning…
  • Process Monitoring
    Designed to offer more than just checking if a device, service or process is online… DELTA can check and interrogate a process to ensure it is actually doing its job. From Website content or SQL process interrogation to Email route checking, DELTA has a comprehensive array of scripts and checks to meet many requirements. Custom Scripts can be created or scripted checks already being performed onsite can be integrated. The possibilities and value to monitoring a system at this level is endless.
  • Data Backup Monitoring
    Backups need monitoring to ensure their success. DELTA not only monitors the daily backup jobs but also monitors the core processes and hardware used to do this vital task. Escalations are tracked to ensure action is taken mitigating the risk of recovery failure.
  • Environmental Monitoring
    With Server hardware and the associated peripheral devices becoming faster and more complex, generating more heat and subject to failure in unstable environments, the need to keep an eye on the room this equipment is housed in has become much more important. DELTA monitors and tracks Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Relative humidity to ensure issues are quickly identified before creating problems.
  • Online Report Centre
    Designed to complement and grow with our expansive SHM Monitoring framework to deliver you pertinent reports when you need them… No more having to assemble information from multiple sources or having to wait on those business critical reports. This is where you can interact with all the information and results delivered from M.O.T.H.E.R© and check out your site status and outstanding issues. There are our popular standard reports that assist with daily operations and trends or you can request custom reports to deliver to a specific requirement. DELTA gets the information and the results you need and you tell us how you’d like to see it.  – See the Appendix for more detail on what base reports are available.
  • Alert Escalation Centre
    Getting all the information pertaining to monitoring is one thing… Managing it is completely another… This comprehensive and feature rich Call and Escalation Centre that is based on industry ITIL standards is designed so you can track all alert escalations. Even better is DELTA manages the initiation of the Alert or Call right through to updating and closing it for you. All Alerts have a ticket number for easy reference and can be assigned to skill groups and specific users or service partners. All correspondence associated to an escalation is assembled here ensuring all parties are aware of any status update or action taken. Updates to an alert can be sent via email or via a secure online web portal. Managing Alert information has never been easier…

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