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Are you busy running a business? Do you have time for IT management? Can you afford to ignore your computer network – your business relies on it more and more and it does need help to ensure it is secure and performing well to meet your needs!

So what is the IT solution that works for SME's?

DELTA has worked hard with the SME sector at many levels to meet this broad range of business needs and investment requirements. As such we offer our DELTA Elite Series as our primary solution offering to assist businesses at all levels and our DELTA Vision Series as an alternative where a business may not require the Elite Series level of IT Management, IT Security, Monitoring and IT Support.

See our CORPORATE and DELTA Elite Series sections for more details and the benefits that these solutions bring and see the DELTA Vision series section and information below for an alternative.

If you’re unsure what solution will best suit your IT management and security needs then please select “Enquire” and a DELTA representative will be able to assist.

DELTA Vision This is not some product in a box that never seems to work the way you want and you have to manage... This is like having IT consulting and IT management staff in your business, watching your computer network for you while you do the business. DELTA provides and manages all the tools necessary for effective Network Monitoring, IT Security, Online Backup and Antivirus.

  • A subscription based, business IT support service that is on tap 24/7 giving you the confidence and support you need to keep your business network running problem free. No surprises and easy cash flow.
  • Antivirus - Get the best enterprise class antivirus software for peak internet security and virus removal, dealing with malware, spy-bots and all common forms of intrusion. Why settle for just another antivirus product when you can have a fully managed antivirus solution that includes an IT management and monitoring framework.
  • World class online backup software – Fully automated and monitored, military level data encryption before leaving your site, with onsite backup cache for easy recovery. Get your precious business critical data securely offsite and out of region.
  • Network monitoring that does all the work for you while you work in your business – Don't wonder if your systems are OK and safe... Know they are... Just plug it in and DELTA does the rest! True 24/7 fully managed monitoring.
  • Enterprise level IT security created by having the best online backup, network monitoring, IT security and managed antivirus software options available for the busy SME.
  • Automated patch management that keeps you right up to date without you having to even think about it. We make sure the patches work.
  • IT Support Services – A full remedial option to give you the peace of mind that you have an IT support service on tap that will provide the IT management and IT solutions to keep your business running.

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