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Protect and Secure your Systems and Network - with a Fully Featured Monitoring as a Service Solution     

Looking for a System Management Solution that does the hard work for you? That interacts with you, answers your questions, helps you resolve issues, looks after itself and better yet operates 24/7 365 days? 

Delta is redefining the standards of effective IT System Management, Monitoring and Remediation Services with MaaS© (Monitoring as a Service) as an industry first to define a series of processes and disciplines that surpass traditional Monitoring concepts and functions and offer this as a fully managed solution.

Delta manages, monitors and protects thousands of devices globally and processes millions of critical level events and data sources for our support partners daily.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Solutions are fully managed and operate 24/7, 365 days a year so you don't have too - providing protection of vital business systems from threats, failure and assisting support teams with the ever changing face of ICT management and Cyber Threat Security Analysis - helping you stay in control of your systems all via our own purpose built NOC and Data Interchange Cloud.

Our primary objective is to empower support teams by making their daily operations more manageable and rewarding. This in turn provides extreme value and ROI to the end user and clients in maintaining their vital business systems. you don't need to invest in any products that you don't have the time or resources to manage. Simply invest in a managed solution by Delta. 


Specialists in System Security and Data Protection - Management and Remediation Solutions 

Delta Elite Series or Delta Vision Series - Managed Monitoring on any system or device, Cyber Threat Analysis, Malware Protection, Email Protection Services, Online Backup, Remote Support, Dependency Monitoring and Tracking, Remote Patch Management and System Updates, Development of Monitoring Initiatives and Standards Systems Audits and Reporting. Just to name a few.

SIEM and Data Protection Specialists

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Why Delta?

Because we won’t sell you a product and expect you to work out how to drive it…

We will FULLY manage and maintain our "IT Management Solutions", delivering you the best results possible...

No more expensive downtime due to integration issues, learning what to do, or in wondering if things are working correctly... Just the results you need delivered on time to enhance your business and personal computing experience…

You can relax and experience a new era in IT Management and Support… while we work around the clock protecting it…


What's Available

  • Fully Managed Monitoring Solutions
  • Comprehensive Systems Audits

  • Extensive Online Report Centre

  • Supports PCI DSS Compliance

  • Cyber Threat Analysis Services

  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment

  • Alert Tracking & notification Centre

  • Online Backup Solutions

  • Managed Antivirus Protection

  • Patch Management Services

  • Remote Support Framework

  • Email Protection & Online Archive

  • Email Business Continuity Services


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